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whatsapp sniffer v1.03 apk full version free download

App overview:

WhatsAppSniffer is a tool for root terminals to read Whats App conversations of a WIFI network (Open, WEP, WPA/WPA2). It captures the conversations, pictures / videos and coordinates that are sent or received by an Android phone, iPhone or Nokia on the same WIFI network. It has not been tested with Windows Phone terminals. It can't read the messages written or received by the BlackBerry's,as they use their own servers and not Whats App's.

This application is designed to demonstrate that the security of Whats App's communications is null. 
Whats App Sniffer just use the TCP Dump program which reads all the WIFI network packets and filters those which has origin or destination Whats App's servers. All messages are in plain text, so it does not decrypt anything, complying fully with the legal terms of Whats App (3.C: "While we do not disallow the use of sniffers Such as Ethereal, tcp dump or Http Watch in general, Any we do going efforts to disallow reverse-engineer our system, our protocols, or explore outside the boundaries of the ordinary requests made by clients Whats App .... ")

For WPA/WPA2 encrypted networks, if uses the tool ARPSpoof (optional).


- REQUIRES ROOT- For now, there is only support for this characters: 


- Read conversations outgoing and incoming to Android, iPhone and Nokia phones.
- They are separated by phone number

- Notify when a message has been captured
- Ability to start a debug session saving all logs
- It matches phone numbers captured with agenda for coincidences

Download links:

Download whatsapp sniffer full version below:


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  2. I need help, i believe bosspy or 1mole..or both are on my LG optimus do i find amd no hacker,jelly this or that...i probably. Wont even understand your response...but please help if u can

    1. This is a parental control so you need the online account details to disable it from phone or from website. This app uses net to send data to server,so if you don't use net there is no problem. If you wan't to use net i suggest this method. Since you are using a android mobile this process is easy.Take backup of all you contacts,photos etc. and reset your phone.It uninstall's all app and regains yours your privacy. This is easy,all other methods are tedious to do.

  3. hola, el programa TCPDump lo tengo que descargar en mi android?

  4. Hi guys,
    I'm new to this, will whatsapp sniffer catch my own conversations as well?


  6. he aqui en link directo:

    1. sorry i don't know Catalan language,if u have any problem please type comments in English...

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