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How to remove shortcut virus present in external hard disk?

Solution for shortcut virus:

My external hard drive was full of virus,using my antivirus I thought I deleted all files. Next day when I 

saw there are all shortcuts instead of files. I couldn't format it because there are important files in it. My 

friend gave me advice to take backup and restore files after formatting the hard disk. But the size of 

backup was like 400 GB. I didn't have that much space in my laptop. Then I searched on net and found 

out this method. Don't worry, use this method and solve the shortcut virus problem in your system.


1.Click on the below link and download the file "AutorunExterminator" 

2. Now extract the file and run it. Connect your hard disk which is affected with shortcut virus.

This will remove the "autorun.inf" files from your External hard drive and also from the drives. 

What is the use?

The shortcut virus multiplies by using the default auto-run feature present in the system and the 

hard disk. So when you remove those, the virus cannot multiply. Hence the virus will be stopped. 

Now we have to eliminate the virus which stopped its multiplication. To do this use the 

following method.

3.Now run the command prompt using "cmd" word as search word in windows 7/windows 8 search.

or open run and type "cmd" word. Using any one of the method command prompt window will run.

4. Let me assume that your hard disk is mounted as letter "F:"

In the command prompt enter the command,

                                                            attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:\*.* 

Note : Replace the letter f with your External hard drive letter. 

Now check for your files in External Drive and you will notice that all your shortcut files are converted to 

normal files and some shortcut files. Now check for the shortcut files and delete them, this is because 

the shortcut files are left without deletion after the real files are recovered.

If you find that your hard disk is not recovered repeat this steps untill the files are recovered.

5. Afterwards download good antivirus like avast,avg or eset and scan your hard disk and delete 

all viruses present in hard disk.

That's all your hard disk is free from shortcut virus.........


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